Storm Windows

Storm Windows

Custom Trim, Inc. has been manufacturing storm windows for almost 40 years!

Vinyl Storm Window
Storm windows can dramatically improve the energy-efficiency of your home or rental properties, provide significant savings on your energy bills, and add long-lasting comfort; all at a cost that’s far below what you’d pay for replacing your entire window system. Our Aluminum Storm Windows are well designed and attractive, and even better yet, custom made right in our New Berlin, WI shop.

Aluminum Storm Windows

Aluminum Storm Windows Thumb
Aluminum Storm Windows are a great addition to any window opening to help keep the cold out in winter and keep the heat out in the summer! At Custom Trim, we manufacture Aluminum Storm Windows to your size at an unbelievably affordable cost and FAST!

We have been manufacturing high quality Aluminum Storm Windows for over 40 years in our warehouse located in New Berlin, WI.

Beauty and Design

White Aluminum Storm Window
White Aluminum Storm Window
Brown Aluminum
Brown Aluminum
Our Aluminum Storm Windows are offered as 2-or3 tracks as either Double Hungs or Sliders. If you need an Outside Removable for easy cleaning, choose our Aluminum Picture Window. All Aluminum Storm Windows are available in both White or Brown.

The Aluminum Storms come standard with Interlocking meeting rails with all inserts dovetailed to lock out drafts and moisture. We use wool pile weatherstripping that won’t mat or freeze.

Fingertip ease. No step ladders necessary, no fuss, no mess. Just tilt the inserts in and remove to clean either side.

Standard Features

The Aluminum Storms come standard with interlocking meeting rails with all inserts dovetailed to lock out drafts and moisture and to insure low air infiltration. We use wool pile weatherstripping that won’t mat or freeze. Butt corners are stronger because they are held rigid with stainless steel screws. Our windows come with metal locks and slide easily and lock securely. No swelling, binding, or sticking. A stabilizer bar is attached in the center of the window to provide extra rigidity and minimal movement of the sash.

Choice of Glass

Available in Clear Float Glass, Low-E Glass, Double Strength Glass, or Tempered Glass

Custom Built – Made right in New Berlin, WI

We manufacture your aluminum storm windows for your home to size. They are custom crafted to fit so they go in with ease. You measure and give us the dimensions,or for a small fee, we would be happy to measure for you and put our custom guarantee on the order that all windows will fit perfectly!

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind each and every storm window we make – they each come with a limited lifetime warranty.