Glass Replacement and Repair

Broken Window Repairs are a low cost alternative to window replacement. We service all residential glass and commercial glass projects big or small! Have you tried cleaning a streak off your windows over and over only to find out that the streak is between the panes of glass? Is there a cloud or fog blocking your view? We measure your window and door glass and can order replacement glass to any size.

  • Insulated Glass
  • Clear Glass
  • Low-E Glass
  • Argon Gas Filled Glass / Krypton Gas Filled Glass
  • Tempered Glass
  • Frosted / Obscure Glass
  • Insulated Glass with Internal Grids

We will install your glass on site or you can bring in your sashes to us to do in house. Call us for more information and pricing.

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Glass Repair

Repair/Replace Weather Stripping

Sealing air leaks in your windows and doors with weather stripping is a good way to improve your home’s efficiency at a low cost.

At Custom Trim, we are focused on you, the homeowner and saving money! Why replace your beautiful wooden windows because of some faulty seals? We can help you stop drafts and keep your existing windows and doors by installing new weatherstripping.

Call us to schedule and in home assessment – save the true beauty of your home, just improve your energy efficiency.

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Weather Stripping Repair

Patio Door Service

Is your patio door in need of repair? Whether your glass is foggy or your door no longer rolls in its track, call us. We will assess your door and price out what it would cost for the repairs vs. replacing it with a complete new door.

Repairs done at an affordable price – call today to schedule our in home estimate.

  • Insulated Tempered Glass
  • Weatherstripping
  • Rollers
  • Screen Doors
  • Hardware
  • Glazing Strips

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Window Screen Repair

Has your screen been damaged, ripped, torn, or has holes in it? How do you repair or fix a door or window screen? Have us replace your screen! We can fabricate an entire new screen for your door or window, or if your screen frame is perfectly fine and only the screen is damaged, then we can rescreen it for you. Custom Trim provides affordable, high-quality screen repair and replacement in the Waukesha / Milwaukee and surrounding areas.

A torn screen is not just unsightly, it also let’s insects into the home and can be a source of injury to anyone getting a hand or finger caught in the screen. You don’t want spiders, bees, flieds, and other insects invading your living room, red room, or anywhere in your house. To prevent that from happening, always have damaged window and door screens replaced. It’s not expensive to replace the screen, especially if the screen frame is still in good shape. We offer different screen materials to fit your needs.

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Screen Repair

Window and Door Hardware

We can replace your balance systems, patio and entry door hardware, and window locks and latches, residential or commercial

Hardware Replacement – The basics

Find the replacement windows and door parts you need for your repair or renovation projects here. Whether you are restoring a vintage home or upgrading your home, getting just the right window and door parts is essential. With over 45 years experience, we have multiple sources to find what you need. Call us today or stop in our showroom for more information.

Out with the old

Do you know how to replace window locks, door knobs, and other hardware so all of your home’s windows and doors not only look good, but operate efficiently? Custom Trim is ready to help. With a wide range of knowledge and sources, we’ll make sure you get the proper hardware and will install it for you at a reasonable price.

Why replace your windows or doors, let Custom Trim improve them!!

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Window and Door Hardware